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Canine Companion Program

CASA of Lea County’s Canine Companion Program was established in December 2010.  Cooper, a specially bred and trained Golden Retriever who was placed with CASA by Assistance Dogs of the West in Santa Fe, provides emotional support and unconditional love to children in the legal system due to abuse and neglect and to child victims or witnesses of violent crimes.

The CASA Canine Companion has many duties to fulfill in the course of a workday.  In Children’s Court, Cooper lends emotional support of victims of child abuse and neglect.  In the same setting, he intuitively gives comfort and support to nervous CASA advocates as they prepare to stand up and speak to the Judge about what is in the best interest of the child.  He is also called upon by the District Attorney to be a communication bridge when young children must be interviewed for case preparation.  Cooper is an added tool that can be used to bring calm and focus to an anxious hurt child who is asked to recall the crimes and hurts imposed upon him or her.  Cooper will be found working in Magistrate Court, District Court, at police stations, the District Attorney’s office and even in a pilot project with the Hobbs Municipal Schools’ Special Education Department.


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